The game is under development and improvement, so specific data, formulas, contracts, and wallet addresses are not included in the whitepaper for now. These information will be updated into the whitepaper after the game is fully developed.

In all gameplay that consumes GMT, dynamic adjustments will be made as the GMT price changes.

Regarding the income of the leaders and the rewards of the Gas War winners, due to reasons such as on-chain data synchronization and notification delay, there may be slight differences in statistics (such as the part of the rewards from the previous round that has not been updated or notified on-chain, it will be carried over to the reward pool of the next round).

Gas Hero's Smart Contract is audited by Narya.ai, for detail, please visit: https://app.narya.ai/audits/Gas%20Hero

Wallet Security

Please do not share your seed phrase of private key of your wallet with anyone.

Gas Hero has integrated third-party cloud storage to back-up your encrypted private key for extra security. By using the third party cloud service to store your encrypted private key, users are only authorizing the access of the encrypted private keys in your cloud to us. Users are welcome to register a brand new cloud drive to store and recover your encrypted private keys.

Users should make sure that they DO NOT DELETE the file named “FSL.txt”, or users may have trouble recovering the wallet on a new device.


Gas Hero has no interest in profiting from users' data;

Gas Hero strictly follows the Google and Apple Privacy requirements. Please read our privacy policy below: https://gashero.com/privacy