chat system


There are different channels in the chat system, with the following functions:

Clan Channel
  • Only members of your clan can chat here

Guild Channel
  • Only members of your guild can chat here

District Channel
  • Only the leaders of your district can chat here, others cannot view

City Channel
  • Only citizens of your city can chat here, each message consumes 1 loudspeaker

World Channel
  • Anyone can chat here, each message consumes 10 loudspeakers

  • This is a channel used by the system to send mail, chat is not available


In the profile & setting page, you can set the language you want to translate the chat content into. More than ten languages are currently offered, and we will strive to add more in the future




  • We may update to support system emojis in the future

Asset Links
  • We will support the sending of in-game asset links in the future, others can view by clicking, such as specific heroes, weapons, pets