Part Seven
To be continued on December 10th

Change Log

  • The evolution tiers of pets has been adjusted from 7 to 5.

  • At the start of the game, there will be two districts in the city.

  • When the overall energy consumption of the clan reaches a certain amount, players can start a clan adventure.

  • In clan and guild adventures, players are ranked based on the amount of damage they inflict, and rewards are determined based on their ranking.

  • The output of the living area has been adjusted to evolution cookie, while the output of the zoo is ancient fragment.

  • In the Boss challenge gameplay, the number of times a player can challenge has been changed from unlimited to 5 times.

  • In the market trading, the tax has been changed to be deducted from the income (rather than being borne by the buyer separately).

  • Change the attribute name “SP” to “MP”.

  • Added method for calculating strength.

  • Added Dooar Polygon Addresses.

  • When calculating damage, the minimum damage has changed from 10% * Attack to 20% * Attack.

  • We have adjusted the naming of various items.

  • The upgrade of the auction house has added extra conditions, which can be viewed in the game.

  • The probability of getting Genesis through the Hero Capsule has been adjusted from Remaining Genesis Quantity / 10000 * 100% to Remaining Genesis Quantity / 20000 * 100%.

  • The number of Genesis heroes that can be obtained through the Hero Capsule has changed from 400 to 500, the number of Genesis heroes that can be obtained from marketing events has changed from 560 to 460.

  • The upgrade cost values of the base have been adjusted.

  • Only guild masters can cancel the settlement of other players.

  • Updated all the attributes and skill descriptions of the heroes.

  • We modified the timeline of elections and Gas War.


  • The game is under development and improvement, so specific data, formulas, contracts, and wallet addresses are not included in the whitepaper for now. These information will be updated into the whitepaper after the game is fully developed.

  • In all gameplay that consumes GMT, dynamic adjustments will be made as the GMT price changes.

  • Regarding the income of the leaders and the rewards of the Gas War winners, due to reasons such as on-chain data synchronization and notification delay, there may be slight differences in statistics (such as the part of the rewards from the previous round that has not been updated or notified on-chain, it will be carried over to the reward pool of the next round).