Income Structure

Leaders' income comes from the transaction volume of the marketplace that occurs within their jurisdiction.

2% of the Genesis Hero traction volumes and 4% of the other NFT traction volumes are reserved as leader’s income pool.

For each transaction, the GDP is half attributed to the location of the sell side and half attributed to the location of the buy side.

Accounting Method

When a player lists an item for sale, the location of the listing player is recorded when the listing is successful on the chain.

When a player purchases an item, the location of the purchasing player is recorded when the transaction is executed on chain, and each half of the reserved tax is recorded in the locations of the listing player and the purchasing player.

If the location of the listing player or the purchasing player in the game cannot be determined for a transaction (which is possible when using a non-in-game wallet), then this tax will be collected in a separate account(moontrade account).

Tax Distribution

For one transaction, the tax revenue from the confirmed location will always point to a specific clan/guild/district/city/world. Therefore, leaders at these levels will receive a portion of this tax revenue:


Clan Chief

Guild Master

District Rep

City Mayor

Seven Elders
(7 together)







The income from the moontrade pool will be exclusively enjoyed by the Seven Elders.

If a leader at a certain level does not exist at the time of tax collection, the corresponding income will also be added to the moontrade pool.

Claim Method

After each election period, leaders can claim the income generated during that election phase in the game. This Claim button will remain available until the claim is completed.

Best Guild Award

The Best Guild Award honors the top District Champions of each Guild Gas War.

Each reward will be ⅓ of the existing Moontrade pool, ensuring a continuous cycle of recognition and support.

Monthly rewards will be distributed after each Guild Gas War.

The 9 guilds ranked by the highest total Strength (only the guild with highest Strength in each district will be taken into ranking) in the world will receive the Best Guild Award, with percentages as follows: 25%, 18%, 12%, 9%, 9%, 9%, 6%, 6%, 6%.

The reward distribution rules may change at a later date; we will announce any adjustment accordingly.