Clan Chief

The leader of a clan can be determined through the clan boss gameplay. Within a day that the boss appears, each clan member can challenge up to 5 times, with the highest damage dealt in a single challenge used for ranking. The member with the highest ranking will become the new Clan Chief.

Guild Master

Do you remember the Arena in the Building chapter? The Guild Master's election is held here.

The Clan Chiefs within the guild need to first register in this arena, and then the arena will automatically hold the election tournament. The tournament process is a PVP league, and the registered Clan Chiefs will engage in 1v1 battles, with the winner receiving 3 points (If there is a tie, each one will receive 1 point.). After the tournament is over, the one with the highest points becomes the new Guild Master. If multiple player have the same points, the one with more victories will win. If still tied, the one with highest total damage dealt will win.

District Rep

The District Rep’s election is held at Administration Department.

The total strength of all members in a guild is considered as the guild's total strength. The Guild Master of the strongest guild in a district based on total strength will become the new District Rep.

City Mayor

The City Mayor’s election is held at City Hall.

There will be 1 day to show the list of candidates and 1 day for voting. All citizens can vote for all District Reps within the city and the current City Mayor to decide who will become the new City Mayor.

During the voting process, all data is hidden and the final results will be uploaded to the official website for viewing.

If the total number of votes does not exceed 30% of the current population of the city, the election will fail and the position of mayor will remain vacant.

If you vote, you will gain 30% of your total energy

World Elders

The World Elders’ election is held at United Nations.

Phase 1: All the current City Mayors and the current World Elders can donate any amount of GMT to participate in the World Elders’ Election Phase 1. Phase 1 Election will last for 1 day. After the Phase 1 ends, up to top 15 candidates in terms of GMT donation amount will proceed to the next phase, while the rest of the donations will be refunded. The GMT donation amount of the candidates who will proceed to Phase 2 will be announced. This round of World Elders Election will be cancelled if 0 participant engaged.

Phase 2: Candidates (up to 15) who enter the Phase 2 will do another round of donations in GMT. Phase 2 election will last for 1 day. After the Phase 2 ends, each candidate’s final donation amount for Phase 2 and the sum of donation for both phases will be announced. The Election will then proceed to Phase 3.

Phase 3: The donation amount accumulated in Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be considered as the weight for each candidate to be selected as a World Elder. Random selection (with each candidate’s weighted probability) will be conducted to determine the new World Elders (up to 7). The donations from Phase 2 participants who did not become elders will be refunded.

Random Selection


Step 1: All candidates and their amount of GMT donations in each phase will be published for review when the phase is finalized.

Step 2: A random seed will be picked after phase 2. The source of the random seed ensures that it cannot be manipulated, unpredictable, and repeatably verifiable.

Step 3: Select up to 7 elders with the candidate data and the picked random seed using a random algorithm. The algorithm is publicly verifiable.


Assuming the game starts on day 1, then:

  • New Clan Chief will be determined at 24:00 on day 3+4n

  • New Guild Master will be determined at 24:00 on day 5+8n

  • New District Rep will be determined at 24:00 on day 9+16n

  • New City Mayor will be determined at 24:00 on day 17+32n

  • New World Elders will be determined at 24:00 on day 32+32n

    ( n = 0,1,2,3… )

The leader cannot resign voluntarily, nor can they move base or be kicked during their term.