Gas Hero’s design principle is to optimize our transaction logic for the existing blockchain performance. We attempt to balance between the on-chain transparency and the potential load challenge to any major Layer 1 blockchain.


  1. Players need to first deposit GMT into a smart contract to make the GMT spendable inside the game.

  2. The in-game spendable GMT is locked inside the contract and cannot be spent by anyone else other than the user himself / herself.

  3. The game will keep track of the spendable GMT in game for the user.

  4. When the player needs to withdraw GMT, the withdrawable amount will be equal or less than the remaining balance of the in-game spendable GMT.

  5. The GMT spent by the player in game will be recorded by Gas Hero Billing System and made available for player to check on Gas Hero website.

Billing System

  1. For any spending and bills that are not reflected on chain, such as in-game personal consumption, auction houses, and other important business and asset flows in the game, are recorded as one universal bill and will be published on Gas Hero website for users to check.