Energy from Base

When the base is at level 1, it provides 24 energy. For every level it increases, it provides 2 additional energy.

Energy from Heroes

Each common hero provides 0.5 energy.
Each uncommon hero provides 1 energy.
Each rare hero provides 1.5 energy.
Each epic hero provides 2 energy.
Each legendary hero provides 2.5 energy.

Heroes can provide a maximum of 20 energy.

Consumption Rules

Players need to consume energy when embarking on personal adventures. Each adventure costs 5 energy to attend.

If the adventure fails, 4 energy will be returned to the players.

Recovery Rules

Every day at 6, 12, 18, and 24 UTC time, 25% of the maximum energy is restored.


The player's activity is determined by the ratio of their total energy consumption over the past seven days to the energy limit. Players with an activity lower than 10% will be marked as inactive players. The guild leader will be able to cancel the settlement of such players without needing to consume any container. The player will need to use container to resettle.