Various buildings with distinct functions are distributed across different levels of the map.




Personal Adventure Area: Battle various difficulties and gain resources by consuming energy (Must meet minimum strength requirement)

Gas Mine

Gas Mine

Obtain power can.

Obtain power can.


Obtain ancient fragment.

Obtain ancient fragment.



Obtain blueprint fragment.

Obtain blueprint fragment.



Obtain evolution cookie.

Obtain evolution cookie.

AI Factory

Obtain hero potion.

Obtain hero potion.


Clan Boss: Engage in a 1v1 leadership battle with the boss to determine who will become the new clan leader
  • The boss appears every 4 days, with a challenge period of 24 hours.

  • You can challenge 5 times.

  • The maximum amount of damage done to the boss in a single challenge will determine the new clan leader.

Clan Adventure: Players in a clan embark on adventures together
  • When the players in this clan have collectively expended 1800 points of energy, the clan will gain an opportunity for a clan adventure.

  • After clan members submit their lineups, the leader can launch the adventure.

  • Each player has a set period of combat time.

  • Clan adventures have multiple difficulties, each of which can yield different types of resources.

  • A successful mission is achieved by defeating a certain amount of enemies. The more enemies defeated, the greater the rewards.

  • Players who participate in the adventure will be ranked according to the amount of damage they inflict. The higher the ranking, the greater the reward for the player.


Guild Adventure: Players in a guild embark on adventures together
  • When the total number of successful clan adventures reaches 30, the guild will gain an opportunity to start an adventure.

  • Guild Adventures do not require selecting a type, just choose the difficulty level and rewards will be comprehensive.

  • Other rules are similar to clan adventures.

Guild Auction House: Bid in your guild for rare goods
  • At 1, 7, 13, and 19 UTC every day, several new products will appear, including heroes, weapons, pets, and other resources and items.

  • Guild members can use GMT to bid, and the player with the highest bid will receive the goods. New bid price must be higher than 105% of the previous one.

  • At 6, 12, 18, and 24 UTC every day, the auction for the current goods will close, and the goods and receipts will be distributed.

  • As the total revenue of the auction house increases and other conditions fulfilled, the level of the auction house will automatically be raised. The higher the level of the auction house, the better the goods that are put up for auction.

  • The starting bid for the same item is set at 80% of the average global transaction price from the previous round, after removing the highest and lowest values. Additionally, when the auction house is upgraded, all product IDs become new, and the starting bids are all set at 1.

Arena: Election of the Guild Master


District Auction House: An upgraded version of the guild auction house
  • The mechanism is the same as that of the guild auction house, but only players who belong to this district can participate in the auction.

  • Items are placed on shelves every day at 3, 9, 15, and 21 UTC, and the auction ends at 8, 14, 20, and 2 UTC.

Administration Department: Election of the District Rep.


City Hall: Election of the City Mayor.


United Nations: Election of the World Elders.